Project Description

Since ancient times, many societies have
tattooed their bodies.
The custom design phenomenon also goes back to the past.

In the current period, the tattoo is only for the lower group or that there is no street life, and the upper class is also widely We can say that he prefers.

The date and current period of the tattoo we will introduce it as an art movement.

To our customers,
they will carry for a lifetime to make works of art
and aims to make them happy,
in his art and tattoo techniques.
We are planning to work with world famous tattoo artists.

In this way, both create a community of good artists and and we will bring people together with good art.

People gain self-confidence when they get tattoos.Although the tattoo session is a painful process.
In this process, people are like
feeling like I am in therapy and at the same time. The tattoo he has thanks to

his communication with the artist,
it will enable him to have a unique experience.

In addition to the art we perform
our main goal is to raise awareness of people on this issue.

The main problems of people who want to get a tattoo, it is their inability to distinguish between good and bad.

This studio is for people interested in tattoo art and a center to train new artist candidates.

It is very difficult to reach the necessary research, that’s why it’s up to us.
People and young talents on prepared platforms thanks to the knowledge we will transfer.

As we will educate our customer base education and training for artists to be raised in future generations providing support for job opportunities.

We will include them in our organization.